Who Has Time For Social Media?

You only need to look at the date of this post and subtract the date of my last post to see its been a while since I added any content to this blog. The problem? Lack of time. Who has the time for social media? It seems that readers do. They have a seemingly insatiable appetite for content that ranges from the sublime to the ridiculous, the informed to the opinionated, the long the short and the tall, the good the bad and ugly of social and business information.

Generating content is another matter altogether. Young bloggers in the USA are Bored With Creating Content. Since 2006 the numbers of US teenagers who post content to blogs has halved. The phenomenon of reducing attention span and reluctance to engage in ‘effortful’ thinking (Eagly and Chaiken) looks fairly common.

The implications are profound for individuals and organisations who are being wooed by the siren song of Social Media and Social Networking. The ‘hurry now whilst stocks last’ mentality of many so called ‘marketing agencies’ to get their clients to participate or risk being left out understates one key fact about Social Media and Networking. It takes time. Not only that how much can you say on a frequent basis that is helpful, insightful and original. (Social Media types reading this post will already be muttering that there’s nothing new in pointing out the existence of the ‘Time Vampires’ that are social media applications.)

Content posting has several purposes. It also needs you ponder (which takes time) on who your audience is. Are you giving knowledge? are you persuading people to approach rather than avoid your organisation? are you generating and managing a reputation? The thing about creating content is that it is a reflective and effortful process whereas most of the consumption of the content is ‘cue’ based and effortless.

How might this all play out? I guess it comes back to the basics of informational need. A continuumm of light and trivial through to deep and meaningful. Go for D&M and you’ll need plenty of time wether you create the content or choose to read it.

Got more time?
Real People Don’t Have Time For Social Media
Social Media Time Management

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