Of Course Social Media Is A Waste Of Time and Money

There is little point in attempting to provide an objective and rational justification for some of the things we do as marketing professionals, because that isn’t always the exclusive aim of the things that are done.

As you listen and watch be mindful of how you feel and what you are thinking about. Perhaps you feel ‘moved’, ‘connected’, ‘inspired’, ‘tearful’, ‘warm’, ‘uplifted’ or something else. God forbid you feel ‘human’! The clue is in the title….social….media.

Getting people to feel connected to a brand (aka value promise) is a crucial aim of competitive marketing. Social Influence experts use our sense of connection and solidarity by making it easier for us to relate to people with similar attitudes. This is known as the Granfalloon technique. Granfalloon was originally a perjorative term invented by author Kurt Vonnegut to describe “a group of people who outwardly choose or claim to have a shared identity or purpose, but whose mutual association is actually meaningless”.

Marketeers use the method to suggest meaningful connections. A good example being Boots using ‘Here Come The Girls’. The Stand By Me – play for change video invites us to chunk right up to a feeling social connectivity with the whole world. Aw…go on…gimme a hug. Of course Social Media is a waste of time and money if this means nothing to you.

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