Customer Complaints At The Speed Of Light

Word of Mouth no longer travels at the speed of sound. It travels at the speed of light. There is a lot of talk across the internet and in marketing meetings that focuses on the question ‘what can social media do for me’? Track any marketing blog and it will often contain lists of helpful suggestions about how your organisation can leverage (did I really use that word!) social media to benefit your business.

Country music singer Dave Carroll reminds marketing executives used to focusing on pushing what they want to say onto customers that another key social media question they need to ask themselves is ‘what can social do to me’?

There is often more than one version of the truth when it comes to a Brand. There is often a difference between what what the brand owner would like you believe about the brand and the reality of the experience. There is often a story of bad service experience waiting to be spread around the globe at the speed of light. It seems that bad service experiences aren’t called ‘moments of truth’ for nothing.

As Tim Weber BBC Business Correspondent points out:

“These days one witty Tweet, one clever blog post, one devastating video – forwarded to hundreds of friends at the click of a mouse – can snowball and kill a product or damage a company’s share price.”

Businesses need to be mindful that a powerful combination of sociological and technological change is occurring. The norm for customers and consumers is going to be complete and comfortable familiarity with social media, high quality video production tools, use of sophisticated instant communications applications and an increasing sense of realisation that they can and will have an effect. The fundamental difference is that these are personal skills, not team, departmental or organisational skills, not skills that only geeks and the I.T. department have. These are skills that customers of future are learning at elementary school, skills that will be learned long before they attend a high school or graduate business studies course.

Taylor Guitars certainly ‘get it’.

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