Outing the left brain-right brain myth makers

There is nothing like a gross over simplification to get a band wagon going.

One of the best is the myth that we are either left or right brained. This apparently determines our propensity to be analytical or creative.

I recently came across David Taylor’s informative and thought provoking blog post on this topic. 

What I really like about David’s post is the way he explains how from some seminal research into brain function the whole world of management and education has built an industry on flawed interpretion of the data.

How many people have been adversely affected by the Right/Left acolytes who delight in classifying people into types and then advising them how to conduct themselves?

I am frequently surprised how some people satisfy themselves with the first plausible explanation they find for things without reading around the topic for critical points of view. 

Just googling can often reveal the other side of the coin and as This Article shows things are more subtle and complex than the right/lefters would have us accept.

In some ways this can be a let down. Research I conducted into the way key account managers conducted themselves during customer interactions showed that they were skilled at reading social contexts and communicating and behaving accordingly. 

I mused that maybe they were one sided brain-wise and thought what a great way to select people for senior key account manager roles. Looks like I could have unethically perpetuated the myth.

I wonder what side of your brain your ability to be sceptical resides? 

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