What are the ideas that have shaped today’s marketing thinking?

old and new hand

I’m just writing a lecture for Sheffield Business School International Marketing Masters students. I wanted to explain that in a literature review for their research proposal whilst contemporary articles are preferred there are always seminal articles that have lead and shaped thinking in the subject.

I created this list of some stand out articles that have endured.

McKitterick J.B (1957) What is the Marketing Concept? In Frontiers of Marketing Thought and Science. Frank M Bass.ed. Chicago. Amercian Marketing Association. Pp71-87

Bagozzi R.P. (1974) Marketing as Exchange. Journal of Marketing(38)

Kotler P. Levy, S.J. (1969) Broadening the concept of Marketing. Journal of Marketing Vol 33,(1) pp 10-15

Kotler P. (1972) A Generic Concept of Marketing. Journal of Marketing, 36, (April), 46-54

Levitt T. (1Holbrook M.B. (1999) Consumer value: a framework for analysis and research. Routledge, London960) Marketing Myopia. Harvard Business Review.

Levitt T. (1980) Marketing Success through the differentiation of anything. Harvard Business Review.

Levitt T. (1981) Marketing Intangible Products and Product Intangibles. Harvard Business Review.

Levy S. (1959) Symbols for Sale . Harvard Business Review

Borden N.H., 1964. The concept of the marketing mix. Journal of Advertising Research 4 (2), 2–7.
Aaker J. Dimensions of Brand Personality Journal of Marketing Research, 1 August 1997, Vol.34(3), pp.347-356

Holbrook M.B. (1999) Consumer value: a framework for analysis and research. Routledge, London

Ravald A. and Gronroos C. (1996) The Value Concept and Relationship Marketing, European Journal of Marketing, 30, No, 2, pp. 19-30.

Woodruff R.B. (1997) Customer value: The next source for competitive advantage: Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. Volume 25, Issue 2, pp 139-153

Zeithaml V.A. (1988), Consumer Perceptions of Price, Quality, and Value: A Means-End Model and Synthesis of Evidence. Journal of Marketing, 52, (July), 2-22

Anderson J.C. and Narus J.A., (1998) Business marketing: understand what customer’s value. Harvard Business Review (November–December), 76 (6), 53–65.

McCarthy J. (1964), Basic Marketing. Homewood, IL: Richard D. Irwin.

There are obviously several more, so any suggestions are welcome.

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