Choosing A Good Marketing Masters Dissertation Topic


One of the biggest challenges masters students face is choosing their own research topic.

Typically the final stage of the masters degree journey, the dissertation represents the point at which students truly take charge of their own learning.

Choosing a masters dissertation topic seems deceptively straightforward and yet the reality often plays out very differently.

Part of the problem is deciding the general topic of interest. In my area of business and management and in particular marketing this always poses a problem.

That’s why from this post is the first in a new category of posts I’ll be posting on my blog called Marketing Dissertation Ideas. 

Posts that get categorised as marketing dissertation ideas will hopefully spark some interest for further research. 

Today I came across the  Brandalism campaign that is being run to coincide with the Paris Climate change summit. Basically they have hijacked the VW brand to run a series of anti-consumerism adverts. 

So how could this become a marketing dissertation ? The first question to answer is ‘does this topic interest me’? 

Next you want to consider what general areas of marketing it relates to. In this case Brand management, ethical marketing and consumerism and do some general reading around those themes.

The next trick is to try and define ‘what do I want to find out’. This is technically called your primary research question. This is not as easy at it seems so thinking through exactly what you want to research is time consuming and intellectually demanding.

Students who expect the tutor to do this for them are in for a shock. The ability to set your own question is a mark of an independent learner. 

So let’s say you are intrigued by brandalism you will need to have a general grasp of the field of branding and a detailed understanding of the principles and particulars of brandalism. 

You can then consider things such as:

What effect does brandalism have on consumer behaviour?

How do brand owners respond to brandalism

How does brandalism influence customer attitudes to original brand 

And so on. It’s brainstorming until to reach a point where you say ‘that’s exactly what I’m interested in and want to research’

So more posts to follow that will give you ideas for your marketing dissertation. Let me know what you think.

Brandalism in Marketing Week

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