Donald Trump, demogogues and propaganda inoculation theory 

Donald Trump is not unique in US politics. Back in the 1930’s and the time of Franklin D Roosevelt there were several populist politicians who tried to roust up public opinion on the economic and political issues of the time.

So called Demogogues perhaps the most notorious was Father Charles Coughlin whose anti Jewish rhetoric was used to drum up support for the Nazis.

Like them Trump grossly over simplifies the issues and attempts to polarise opinion. Most thoughtful people would cast Mr Trump as a dangerous meddling buffoon.

Or is he?!

What if he is actually working for the US government as part of a sophisticated propaganda communications exercise?

In 1961 social psychologist William McGuire came up with a notion of persuasion he called  Inoculation Theory. The basic idea is that you get people to come round to your way of thinking by giving them a mild dose of the argument you want to defeat.

What happens is people start thinking through the counter arguments and take up a very strong position against the propositions being put forward.

So imagine…Trump is putting forward some extreme ideas but the US government want him to do that because it starts the inoculation process. The public react with counter arguments and then end up taking the tolerant open minded position the government wanted in the first place!

Et voila instead of being told to appreciate diversity you reach that conclusion for yourself. Job done and Mr Trump does his bit for the cause.

Don’t believe me? The UK’s Daily Telegraph headlines this morning with British Backlash Against Trump after previously describing him as Worse than Voldemort.

What do you think?

And it appears that I’m not the only one who smells a rat (no hairstyle pun intended). Some people think that Donald Trump is actually a Democrat Agent intent on destroying the Republicans from within. 


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