The Flowery Brand Rhetoric of Flora Margarine

I caught the recent news about Flora margarine’s re-positioning in Marketing Week today. You can read the article here: Powered by Plants

I was struck by a couple of things. One was the marketing rhetoric used and the other the omission.

The rhetoric was a great example of the battle for your mind discourse (cf Reiss and Trout). All to do with how the brand is perceived. 

The really interesting thing was the emphasis on features rather than benefits. Something we urge students not to do.

“Powered by plants” will focus on the plant-based ingredients, such as rapeseed oil, linseed oil and sunflower oil, used in the product.”

Only in passing was it mentioned that these result in (undefined) health benefits. 

The other thing was how reliance on those marcomms stalwarts was included too – ‘of course we’ll be emphasising  the role our product plays in creating healthy happy families’ Showing that you can’t escape the benefits in the end.

Remember folks – your happiness depends on our products.

Most telling for me was the talk of ‘re-positioning’. A term that infers sophistication, insight and strategic thinking on the part of the speaker.

Surely though to re-position you have to have a position to re-position from? So what is/was it? 

It would have been much more interesting to me to understand the brand problem that the ‘powered by plants’ re-positioning’ was the solution to. 

Much better than professional identity positioning of the flowery rhetoric in this article to my taste. 



One Response to “The Flowery Brand Rhetoric of Flora Margarine”

  1. Robert Cumming Says:

    Interesting. Note also that in the image above there is no actual mention of the product; the brand FLORA being deemed to have a strong enough association with margarine that it has been omitted.


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