The limitations of personality tests for advertisers

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Gray (2015) states that the personality testing industry is worth $2 billion. Whoever invented the initial personality test would now be like


When it comes to advertising and targeting potential customers, personality tests may have several limitations. As I explained in my previous blog, personality tests sometimes do not always prove to be accurate. Giang (2013) implies that the test results can sometimes be flawed because respondents may answer how they think you want them to, so you do not have a true representation of their personality. This not only wastes time, it wastes a LOT of an advertiser’s money if they are advertising a product towards someone how would not dream of buying it, but said they would in a test.

If this is the case, an advertiser might as well just do a Leonardo and throw their money away!


Another limitation according to Burnett (2013) is the limited answer…

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