Is your marketing built on customer value insight? 

Okay! So sou might know what your customer’s need but do you know what they value?

Watch this YouTube introduction to see what I’m talking about Value-ology

Meeting a need is solving a problem delivering value is being relevant.

Academics Vargo and Lusch describe value as idiosyncratic, subjective and  meaning laden. This means that value is a moving target that is only ever determined by the customer. A supplier can never tell a customer what value is.

Suppliers can only ever propose value. That’s why of all the marketing tasks a CMO has to do the creation of a value proposition can be the difference between success and failure. Your offer has to address some matter at hand in the world of the customer.

Your products and services will of course be designed to solve a problem that is generally understood. Zoning in on value means improving your customisation.

Value-ology is packed full of thought provoking ideas and practical tools that can transform your marketing and improve your ROI

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