Co-create customer value with social interaction 

One of the central ideas we cover in our marketing and sales book Value-ology is the art of value proposing as a central aspect of consultative selling in key account management and professional sales.

Value proposing is what sales and marketing people do when they are crafting and pitching a value proposition in face to face customer situations. A value proposition is a thing whereas value proposing is a behaviour.

A fascinating article in the HBR blog Emotional Intelligence has 12 elements handshakes our research in Value-ology that  social intelligence is an essential competence of experienced and credible b2b sales and key account management executives.

In our book we call the social domain the ‘missing middle’ of sales and marketing management understanding. Something so obvious (people deal with people) that it hardly warrants much examination.

We have found that careful attention to the social contexts of supplier – customer interaction can be difference between success and failure. In Value-ology we describe four social contexts that matter in business:

Approaching, Incorporating, Unfolding and Relating. Each of these demands a different and particular way of behaving and speaking. If a sales and marketing executive reads these wrong it can directly result in the loss of business.

Co-creating customer value requires dialogue. The sharing of thoughts and ideas to improve understanding. Do this in a pro-social way with commercial realism and your bottom line will increase.

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